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●Crypto, PayPal, Zelle, Credit Card available

Credit(Integral) Points, Use As Cash!

●How Do You Get Teebeerep.co Credit Points?

       Each purchase on Tee-bee.net will get credit points. Each  USD$1 which you spent, will let you earn 100 points of credit. Then every 1500 points can be used as USD$1 for your next order, no limits!

          Each $1 You Spent = 100 Credit

          1500 Credit = $1 Cash Coupon

   For example, if purchase some items on tee-bee.net, your order amount is $100, then you will get 100*100=10000 Credit  Points, then you can use this credit as cash for your next order. It means this 10000 credit can be used as 10000/1500=$6.67 for your next order. So this previous purchase save you $6.67 on your next order!

2. Daily Check-In
     Each Daily Check-In can get 200 points. You'll earn extra 300 points if you check-in for 7 days continuously(without interruption every day). It means you will get 1700 points in total if you keeps visiting tee-bee.net each week. 
      Check-In Page(Product Page)

3. New Member Login
    Every new member will auto get 5000 Credit Points as gift. 

●How Do I Use This Credit?

1.Enter credit points at check out page
2.Submit and price will change
3.Place order

*Order Amount doesn't including shipping charge
*Any cheating action will be banned
*All the credit will be caculated from Mar.17th, the order before Mar.17th can't be
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